Venice Photographer’s Guide


Venice is a photographers’ paradise but if you think it is easy to take photographs there that others would admire you could be disappointed.  

Most of the visitors come to Venice for one or two days and from the very first moment they are overwhelmed with everything that surrounds them buildings, canals, gondolas, bridges and crowds. Almost everybody is taking pictures all the time anywhere and of everything. And after a return home one can see hundreds of images that disappoint as somehow they present similar bridges with similar number of people on them.

The Venice Photographer’s Guide will not only guide you in the offline or online modes to diversified locations but also will advice you when it is the best time to visit a selected location and how to prepare for taking images that you will be proud of. 

It has a GPS navigation function but also a scalable city map in an offline mode so it can help you in general navigation through the city.

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