Venice Carnival Photographer’s Guide


Venice Carnival is visited every year by more than a million of tourists. Most of them have cameras and a goal - to take good images of masks.

So from one point of view the Venice Carnival offers a globally unique photographing opportunity  but on the other it features with many obstacles that make photographing very difficult.

The Venice Carnival Photographer’s Guide will give all essential and practical information on taking images of masks during the Venice Carnival the way professional photographers do.

It will guide you to best Venice locations with masks posing there and also will advice you WHEN is the best time to visit a selected location and HOW to prepare for taking images of masks similar to those published in books and on postcards.

Each location contains:

- information on WHY it is worth to visit it

- recommended time of day for photographing masks

- photography equipment suggestions

- other practical information on photographing masks

- directions to the location.


The guide has a GPS navigation function to most of the locations  but also a scalable city map in an online and offline mode so it can help you in general navigation through the city.

Sample images taken in each location are mainly for inspiration, but they also contain information on camera settings and exact  time of taking the photograph.

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